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Stream POS - Point of Sale Features

The Stream series of business software is one of the most extensively developed business applications on the market. Stream POS is a fully featured & easy to operate POS software (point of sale system) in the front but at the back end it is an extremely flexible, robust and scalable ERP system for small to mid-sized businesses.

It excels as a powerful, flexible and efficient application for companies in the distribution and warehouse management industries since 1983. It supports all of your back-office processes and front-end operations. Business automation in Stream streamlines your everyday business processes allowing you to cut labor costs and increase overall efficiency. The entire system is accessed in real-time and offers a kind-of instant gratification that modern businesses require.

Key Differentiators: Multi-Currency, Multi-Language, Multi-User (500+), Multi-Location(Multi-Warehouses), Rebates Processing, Serial Number Inventory Management, Special Pricing, eCommerce Real-Time Integration, General Ledger Integration, CRM Integration

Stream POS software serves the following industries: Antiques / art, Apparel & fashion, Auto & parts dealer, Books & music, Electronics & appliances, Footwear / shoes, Franchise, Furniture & home decor, General merchandise, Gifts, Industrial supplies & machinery, Manufacturing & wholesale, Sporting goods, Toys / hobby shop, & Other specialty retailers.

Point of Sale Features
The point of sale system is flexible and it offers a wealth of features that can be implemented when you need them with a minimum of configuration and programming.

Small business' yield big results; although no matter how big or small your business, our software does all the hard work and you take all the credit. Read more about Point of Sale in Stream POS
    • Price lookup
    • Transaction & item discounts
    • Void transaction
    • Special orders
    • Time-limited specials
    • Items on hold
    • Revenue totals
    • Multi-system integration
    • Customizable touch screen
    • Cash register
    • Barcode scanner
    • Credit card scanner
    • Receipt/label printer
    • Wireless support
    • Web-enabled
    • Security levels
    • Passwords
    • Time Clock

Retail Accounting Features
Stream POS is a completely integrated point of sale software solution. The integrated accounting management side enables the efficiency and productivity that you and your customers demand.

The retail accounting modules provide the backbone to the Stream POS software. Automate all the ledger accounting functions of your company and provide flexible and timely financial reporting.

Retail accounting in Stream POS gives access to profit and expense analysis quickly and accurately, as well as budgets and forecasts. Read more about Retail Accounting in Stream POS
    • Accounts receivable
    • Accounts payable
    • General ledger
    • Bank transactions
    • Bank reconciliation
    • Purchase orders
    • Inventory management
    • Multi-company support
    • Multi-pricing Levels

Warehouse & Inventory Features
Integration and easy access to your information is the key to managing your business successfully.

Stream POS uses cutting-edge technology to provide you with the latest advancements and innovations in Warehouse & Inventory management.

Serialized inventory, wireless barcode scanning, and inventory tracking makes running your business cost less to upkeep & yeild higher return on inventory investments.

Stream point of sale software offers wireless warehouse management & multiple warehouse support. Read more about Warehousing & Inventory Management in Stream POS
    • Multi-Warehouse
    • Purchase orders
    • Inventory matrix
    • Accounting & inventory integration
    • Supplier database
    • Multiple inventories
    • Automated ordering
    • Multiple users
    • Multiple vendors
    • Inventory tracking
    • Minimum markup
    • Automatic variable pricing
    • Comments & notes
    • Internet communications

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Features
The CRM system is flexible and it offers a wealth of features that can be implemented when you need them with a minimum of configuration and programming.

Customer relationship management is quickly becoming the most rewarding innovation in technology that your business can take advantage of in a retail, POS software application.

Take full advantage of your companies potential by utilizing CRM in your routine business processes and practices. Your customers will return more often to purchase your products and they will feel more and more "at home" in your retail business.

Target your customers individualy and see higher returns! Read more about Customer Relationship Management in Stream POS
    • Customer database
    • Customer history
    • Purchasing history
    • Payment history
    • Customer comments
    • Customer/ salesperson history
    • Default payments
    • Standard discounts
    • Special pricing
    • Targeted mailing lists
    • Envelope & label printing
    • Facebook & Twitter integration

Additional Features
    • Account Credit Notations
    • Accounting Integration
    • Barcode Scanning
    • Cash Register / Drawer
    • Credit Card Processing
    • CRM Integration
    • Customer Account Profiles
    • Discount Management
    • eCommerce
    • Employee Time Clock
    • Gift Card Processing
    • Independent & Distributed Pricing
    • Inventory Management
    • Layaway Management
    • Magnetic Card Reader
    • Menu Cycling
    • Multi-Branch
    • Multi-Station Management
    • Ordering Automation
    • Refund Automation
    • Serves Apparel Industrys
    • Serves Cellular Industrys
    • Serves Consignment Stores
    • Serves Convenience Stores
    • Serves Grocery Stores
    • Serves Pet Stores
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Tax Management
    • Touch Screen
    • Web-Based Ordering