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Stream Pos Point of Sale Software News
Stream V News (part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)

    Balance Sheet
    • Error message due to bad column count fixed

    Free Freight
    • Free Freight Cut$ field added to company and BGMaster files and detail panels to allow setting free freight by customer or buying group

    Sales Posting
    • Status Panel added to load and option for summary only to poster

    PO Entry
    • Bug where Required Date was non-visible if Edit Po was called from PO Management fixed

    Terms Manager
    • Defaults loading sequence fixed

    Order Management
    • Implemented an enhancement to reset the printed flag in the header on sysop option to “clear printed flag”.

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Stream V News (part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)

    GL Account Setup
    • Implemented a delete button for deleting Account Periods records with no activity.

    Data Dictionary Lookup
    • Scoping on file added

    Company Master
    • Modified to use Gencode table for inside rep instead of Salesman table

    Shipto Management
    • Added sysop option to More Menu that allows importing Shipto addresses

    • Created Policy, POSLOCS, when set it will only allow POS to be started if the users default location is in the policy record

    Inventory Transfer
    • Comment and reason code added
    • Comment and reason code added to inventory transfer ticket

    Soline Lookup
    • Item demand drill down added to context menu

    • Added code to notify when a new build is running for the first time

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Stream V News for(part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)

    • Renamed Longcode set for Did You Know messages from “DOYOUNO” to “DIDYOUNO” for consistence.

    • Minor date cleanup on formatting of Gift card credit invoice.
    • Added support for Gift Cards. See AppNotes for details.
    • Created new policy that adds ½ unit button to keypad to allow setting the quantity to a half unit.

    Shipto Address / Order Entry
    • Added checkbox (0 & 1) to cause order entry to popup the ship to note when ship to address is selected and new Dock Codes field to contain codes identifying special requirements like “no big trucks, lift gate required”.
    • Defined codes will be developed or site specific ones implemented.

    Did You Know Panel
    • Added to advise users that they can change font size in text boxes (notes) with Alt-UpArrow and Alt-DownArrow

    Order Entry
    • Created new policy to allow import of sales order lines from the clipboard or from a CSV file.
    • Added code to auto-clear header holds on orders with zero value (subtotal = ).
    • Fixed error caused by deleting last line on Order Lines Grid.

    Menu Change
    • “Renamed Order Completion” to “Order Invoicing”.

    New Session Spawning
    • Modified to build executable name using the build number.

    Bill of Lading Entry/Order Invoicing
    • Modified to take the catalog weight and divide by the carton count when creating box records, so on occasions they would not over weigh.

    • Renamed “VICS Bill of Lading” to “Bill of Lading (VICS)” to position in menu better

    Value Adjust Discount Manager
    • Processed code in the editor to support setting up records without requiring a product line.
    • Moved the prompt button away from name field and widened/labeled to show that it is a Lookup and not a prompt list for better visibility.

    Kit Availability
    • Added code to allow a local SQL statement show the kit availability in Inventory Management and Order Entry modules.

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Stream V News for(part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)

    • Changed price entry default to not require entry of decimal point (cash register mode).
    • Changed keypad layout to calculator instead of phone layout.

    System Info
    • New enhancements to assist in support of multi-server sites. Added output to System Info produced from “About” panel to show more information if user is a sysop. New information consists of the connection string which is output after the file list entry information and a list of all the drivers and servers the session is using.

    • Added code to validate line number to be sure they start with 1.
    • Added error handling code to block invalid line number.

    • Added BINMAST (105) & TRANDAT(15) files which will be used as a master file of all available bin locations and to store transactional data respectively.

    • Modified logic in Bin Check and My Cart to ignore case of bin.

    Pallet Groups
    • Added support for pallet groups to allow pricing based on the total number of items on an order belonging to a group.
    • Added Pallet Group Management to the Product Management Maintenance pull down menu.
    • Added code to calculate target prices on order entry save and “re-price” buttons on line item tabs to force re-price.
    • Updated ApNote on Pallet Group Pricing.

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Stream V News(part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)

    Minor Update 51
    • Count File: Indices on the count file (INVCTRAN) have been modified to be unique on Loc/Item/Bin.

    Financial Statement Sorting
    • Modified income statement and balance sheet to break (subtotal) when the part of the sort to the left of the decimal point changes.
    • This allows better control that you can break on the left part and use the extension for sequencing within the section.

    Manual Allocation
    • Modified to allow fractional quantities.

    • Standardized code with new column saving logic. Key sequence in LongCode record was not consistent.

    Inventory Adjustment
    • Added code to the inventory adjust procedure in the inv.pkg to generate an error if inventory.qty_oh is driven below zero and to abort the transaction.

    Mobile Device Code
    • New policy added: Blind Count option. If set to “N”, access is denied.

    Inventory Counting
    • Beta release of Count Manager & Count Query on Count Pull Down Menu off Warehouse Menu.
    • Supports import and export of simple count files (see More Menu).
    • Applies counts and posts to GL – one JE per adjustment.
    • Writes transactions to Invtran and Waretran files.

    SQL Query
    • Fixed error that was generating “not numeric column” on totaling when the SQL query returned a blank in a numeric column.

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Stream V News for May 2012 (part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)
    Item Demand
    • Added kit detail button.

    Incident Management
    • Added PO Number field to incident record.

    Minor Update 50
    • New PO# index on Incident file and widened all address1/2 fields to 35 characters.

    Receipt Label Reprint
    • Added a policy that users are prompted for a number of labels to reprint.

    Order Entry
    • Enhanced to allow moving lines up and down with Crtl-Arrows.
    • Updates Sales Order Lines, PO Lines, Comments, Images and Changes History.

    Order Management
    • Added sub-type filter and changed radio buttons to combo pull down lists.

    Credit Memo Return Location
    • Added a policy that lets you set a location to returns goods to on cancels when the credit is created from an invoice; this overrides the kit return location of set.

    Query Popup Selections
    • Added prompt support for ORDERS, INVOICES, SALESMAN and Gencode tables.

    Version Tracking
    • Updated code to record version numbers in the Data directory with different files for each application.

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Stream V News for April 2012 (part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)
    Order Entry
    • Modified to only popup warning message on margin hold if holds are assigned to a user.
    • Added code to include weight for kit components.

    • New: If set, the system defaults the inventory receiving bin to the receiving default bin instead of the inventory default bin

    • Add code to allow setting column widths system wide using Longcode records.
    • New logic is that if a Longcode record exists the browse will use it, if not it will check user preferences (current behavior).
    • Longcode records are created by clicking Browse Tool Button (or Alt-F11) and selecting “Remember Column Widths”. If you are a sysop it will prompt if you want to make the columns widths system wide, or if you should disable system wide columns widths if you have set them.

    Income Statement (Grid Version)
    • Fixed subtotal display problem in Net Income when no accounts number are printed.

    Comment Print
    • Added print capability to comment detail panel. Creates file in user directory called comment.txt and uses Windows associated program to print.

    Field Security
    • Fixed bug in “View Only” mode in CoveDbForms.

    Order Completion
    • Added a new field that if set, will popup BolEntry.

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Stream V News for March 2012 (part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)
    Balance Sheet 12 Period
    • Converted to Grid output. Note – Output now rounds. Requires Sort Levels of 50, 60, 70 exist.

    Pick List Processing
    • Enhanced pick list processing.
    • Added support to handle cart full, short quantities at bin pick time giving the operator the choice of short picking, and/or picking from alternate bins.
    • Converted ready picklist queue, batch order sequence and bin select to SQL queries in the RF module.
    • Added code to allow dropping a full cart/pallet and staying in the same batch.
    • Added code to create box records from the Pick file instead of the Soline file and to carry the tote number through the staging area and into the manifest (box) records for use by EDI 856 Advanced Shipment Notice.
    • Modified code to automatically restrict batches to a single order for LTL shipments based on the carrier-type in the Shipvia record.
    • Added options on the Warehouse Dashboard to select current SQL queries for RF picking.
    • Added code to cause pick lines be for no more than a pallet of goods based on the std_pallet field in the catalog.

    SQL Reports
    • Changed logic for creating WHERE portions of SQL statement from screen selections to handle situations where default report is run with no additional selections.
    • Basic SQL report handling has been modified to force recreation of the default SQL report each time a report is selected from the menu.

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Stream V News for February 2012 (part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)
    Order Print
    • Modified to look for TextData records "MSG" "QOTCOMM" first for user specific or global and then for sohead.div

    Shipvia Manager
    • Added support to load code and description from SCAC (Standard Carrier Codes) Gencode table.
    • CSV file for SCAC table is in Appnotes and can be loaded from Gencode Manager ‘More’ menu (a simple import).

    • Removed code to suppress comments starting with * or – from across application.

    Shipto Management
    • Created and Added new Shipto management to CRM menu.

    Order Entry
    • Added code to popup Shipto detail panel for entry of a new Shipto address when order is created for fulfillment customers.

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Stream V News for January 2012 (part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)
    Inventory Adjustment
    • Modified to not require bin for support of RF bin system

    Longcode Security
    • Fixed problem with non-sysops accessing Longcode data due to access check changing buffer contents

    Bin Detail
    • Fixed code to use correct index when reconciling committed on bin detail panel activation

    • Added keyboard shortcut, Ctrl-F10, to popup config menu so that configuration could be done on browses that do not have a tool bar, like RF

    12 Period Sales Report
    • Added option to select output format – revenue, units or both

    Batch Pick List
    • Added totals to bottom of pick list

    BOL Comment
    • Added code to allow adding BOL comment 1290 to company which then gets loaded into BOL Entry and prints on the BOL

    Buying Group Management
    • Added search capability by company to member browse
    • Panel allowed to be dragged larger

    • Updated detail panel to allow editing of the “stock” flag if no activity has taken place

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Stream V News for December 2011 (part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)
    Customer Item Counter
    • Edited a field name.

    Company Master
    • Added Shipvia Third Party Billing list to the Shipto Tab; this allows storing of third party billing account numbers by Shipvia.

    • Modified to add the email address selected directly to the Email Dialog address line.
    • Fixed code to return the email address selected to the BCC or CC fields.
    • Added code to default to the correct tab when evoked.

    Account Lookup
    • Added check boxes to skip heading line and to only display accounts with autopost numbers.

    • Added refresh button to SQL Report Selector, download all current queries from the Cove website to the local query library. (only available to sys ops)

    Cove FTP Downloads
    • Changed code to use new address.

    Direct Invoicing
    • Removed PO comment, not needed.

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Stream V News for November 2011 (part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)
    Incident Panel
    • Widened text and actions browse.

    Zip code Lookup
    • Added code to places in the system where customer & Shipto addresses are entered to use Zip Code data to default city, state and Zip.

    Zip code Management
    • Added More Menu option to initialize zip code file.

    Comment Management
    • Added More Menu option to load comment from a CSV file.

    Browse Searching
    • Added (instant search) incremental search display. Browse updates as search string is entered.

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Stream V News for October 2011 (part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)
    Language Translation
    • Added radio buttons to select all/translated/not translated.

    Language File
    • Fixed create program to correctly size date fields.

    • Updated EDI documents and changed email_invoices.doc to outbound_invoices.doc to add support for outbound EDI invoices.

    • Added code to allow zooming and expanding on queries where a recnum is not returned.
    • Cleaned up the XML output for totals and recnum column.

    Income Statement & Trail Balance
    • Release as new versions to grid output to allow Excel export.

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Stream V News for September 2011 (part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)
  • Sales Order Hold Processing
    • Converted from old style query to new standard query.
    • Added drilldown to review/release order holds.

  • CRM/Order Processing
    • Modified Shipto Detail panel to block scrolling on customer, city, other indexed fields. Prevents display, edit of shiptos for unrelated company in customer management, sales order entry.

  • System
    • Reworked base dialogs – Email list, Email dialog, Gencode Lookup, etc to operate in deferred mode to speed up application startup. Converted all to standard calling method and data passing ..

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Stream V News for August 2011 (part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)
  • SoHold Query
    • Added Order Holds Query View with last 12 months hold breakdown.

  • New Reporting
    • Added code to automatically save and recall column configurations.

  • Credit Dashboard
    • Sped up loading speed.

  • Grids
    • Added print options to all grids. Pops up windows printer dialog to directly print a grid.

  • Rep & Credit Dashboard
    • Added SQL Queries for Company, Contact, Orders, & Invoices.

  • Rep Dashboard
    • Converted statement grid to new format, added Excel export.

  • Assorted updates
    • Released first versions of new reporting tool. AR Aging, OpenAP, GJ Journal and Vendor Report. Fixed Query limit to 1000.

  • System
    • Added CSV, HTML, and Excel direct exports to SQL queries using cVA code.
    • Updated Grid Menus. Note – Export to CSV and import to Excel is fastest, especially for larger data sets.
    • Added multi-select support to Queries.

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Stream V News for July 2011 (part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)
  • Actions
    • Cleaned up actions detail panel to behave better when creating.
    • Rewrote Company and Contact handling section of Actions Detail to properly default company and contact when action is created from various places.
    • Added Contacts for Customer or Actions lookup, and split manufacturer and vendor contact off from this lookup.
    • Added actions for contact selection to context menu of Company Contacts Lookup.
    • Modified code to correctly save when save key pressed in contact or company fields or button. (5.3 & 5.4)
    • Updated to code to avoid un-necessary warning on exiting panel. Also fixed save error that occurred when only comment is edited and not action.

  • Statement Printing
    • Updated code to support token replacement; like in the Statement Print Routine for messages.
    • Fixed code that was causes a double read of the first invoice for each company.

  • Email Statements
    • Modified to not prompt for email input on each statement.

  • Menus
    • Cleaned up and alphabetized AP, AR, Bank and CRM menu.
    • Optimized menu security to use a memory array object so that each memo selection line does not have to do an SQL query for security each time it is displayed. Security check is only done the first time.
    • Reduced the pull down menus to 30 items each.
    • Sysop and normal user menu speeds are the same now.
    • Added EDI Dashboard to Order Fulfillment Menu.

  • Product Sales Report
    • Added GPM, cost and extended cost columns and extended cost each to 4 to the right of the decimal.

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Stream V News for June 2011 (part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)
  • Remittance Advice
    • Converted from HTML (HPR) to List and Label template to allow better formatting.

  • RA Manager
    • Enhanced cursor positioning on search result.

  • Startup
    • Fixed bug in code at startup.

  • Address Label Printing
    • Added Print Address Label to More Menu on Company Management.
    • Added print labels to context menu on CRM Query and Contact Query.
    • Default template is LLADDLBL.LBL.
    • Added template to LL Form Manager.
    • Added routing to System Properties View.

  • CoveUtil
    • Added System Parameters Utility.
    • Option to increment all counters by a fixed number.

  • AP Create Checks
    • Fixed an error when attempting to void or remove check.

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Stream V News for May 2011 (part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)
  • Company Name Change
    • Blocked editing of the company name being changed from to avoid user mistakes.

  • Bill Of Materials
    • Cleaned up Bom screens where toolbar was encroaching into fields on display.

  • Statement Printing
    • Added statement message form Message Manager to standard statement print process and email statement print process.
    • Added code to output destination email address(s) in body when sending email statements to test email address. This allows previewing of statements and then forwarding them.

  • Help System
    • Pointed help system to covesys.net.
    • New and improved Help System

  • SQL Queries
    • Fixed code that was causing queries to not execute if operator was not a sysop.

  • Invoice Printing
    • Added code to support a second site comment section under the invoice total for messages; added to message manager view.
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Stream V News for April 2011 (part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)
  • POS
    • Added new customer insert capability to POS view and to Customer Lookup
    • Added contact lookup.

  • Company & Contact Detail
    • Added Text Message (SMS) and Video (Skype) buttons.

  • Invoice Print
    • Added code to support Cove Tokens and Manifest Constants in invoice comments as they are printed.

  • System
    • Modified code so that if you HELP you are routed to the new Cove Web Online Help
    • Fixed code to check if system date matches PC clock date.
    • Forced use of system date for non-sysops.
    • Only allow certain accounting users the ability to operate on a non-current date. This handles situations where users leave their session logged in overnight.
    • Added DidYouKnow message to login.
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Stream V News for March 2011 (part c - continued from erp-saas-software.com)
  • Remittance Advice
    • Added code to allow entry of a Remittance Advice Comment during manual payment entry.

  • Browse/Search Updates
    • Updated code to display a soft error when a user tries to search for ASCII data in a numeric field.

  • PO Entry
    • Added PO History button to item entry panel to allow user to view purchasing history for an item.

  • Address Validation
    • Added new policy which if set to "Y" will force address validation on Company and Shipto Addresses.

  • Shipment Information
    • Moved "invoices for this order" selection to context menu on Order Management. Added Shipping Comment (# 1200) to top of manifest lookup.

  • AP Manual Payment
    • Added support to print or email an AP Remittance Advice when making a manual payment.

  • AP Invoice Lookup
    • Added option to email AP invoice.

  • Company Management
    • Added option to email Company Doc.
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Stream V News for February 2011 (part c)
  • Proper Case Function: Rewrote Propercase function to skip one and two character words
  • System Policy Buffering
    • Modified code to not check Parameter Buffer Array if Debug indicator is set. Makes testing easier
    • Added button to System Parameter Maintenance View to clear current user Parameter Buffer Array
    • Note - also available from Sysop Panel
    • Added option to Help Menu to allow user to clear Policy Array
  • Longcode Updated: Added confirm option to delete
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Stream V News for January 2011 (part c)
  • Order Completion: Standardized code to block invoicing if ShipBillCode flag is out of sync with shipping charges field.
  • Order Entry: Included code to force amount in shipping field to sync with Ship Billing Code.
  • Inventory Management: Enhanced context menu option to allocate available inventory to an item.
  • Reports: Created Invoices Report with One & Two Breaks to AR Reports Menu.
  • eCommerce: Developed code to the Output Order Lines procedure in WebAp to respect the inventry.bocode flag.
  • Order Entry: Developed code to prompt for order contact when selecting company.
    • If customer only has one contact it will not prompt and will default to the contact.
    • If company has multiple contacts and the system finds the first contact with the Sales Order Flag set to "Y" and will default to that contact into the sales order.
    • Order entry will warn on save if no contact is selected and allow the operator to select a contact.
  • Last Used Pulldown: Changed code to store the most recently used views (MRU) in a Textdata record instead of in an ASCII file in the users home directory.
  • eCommerce: Enhanced code to send incident creation email to customer contact logged in and to a house email address set in F248:WebIncEM.
  • Invoicing: Enhanced code to send email notification to Shipto contact if present with email address.
  • eCommerce: Created code in PO Detail Panel to write PO Vendor Ship comment 1020 which contains information entered by the vendor identifying a PO as shipped.
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Final Updates to Stream V for 2010
  • Order Management: Removed "Change Type" button which allowed conversion of an order to a quote and/or to a "shipper".
  • Credit Card Processing - Implemented direct access to Authorize.Net SSL server using DAC HTTPTransfer object.
  • Eliminated the CC processing middleman. Direct access has better tools for debugging and development.
  • Added Credit option to CCTran Management.
  • Order Entry: Created policies to prompt operator if PO Number or shipping not entered.
  • Shop Order: Blocked scrolling in order number field.
  • SQL Query: Removed a bug that was causing all numeric columns to default to 0 decimals.
  • Direct Invoicing: Fixed code to not force bin selection for non-stock items.
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Updates made in December part 1
  • CashAp: Cleaned up the update of last payment amount.
  • SQL Queries: Fixed a bug that was causing the queries to use the returned count from the last query as the limit count for the next query.
  • Invoicing: Enhanced code to block PayPal terms if the authorization code isn’t in the order, and to replace the order on hold for partial shipment. Added code to apply payment to invoice at end of invoicing.
  • Order Entry: Created code that does not try to authorize CC on Quote or Loaner.
  • AR Aging: Added DaysOld column.
  • AR Invoice Lookup: Standardized Zoom button on all invoice lookups. Moved invoice specific items from more menu to context menu.
  • Invoicing/Order Completion: Updated code to email invoice at invoicing.
  • LL Templates: Corrected issue with Total Charges field not being printed on default statement form.
  • Credit Card Processing: Added Credit Card Authorization View to AR Utilities Menu. This view allows you to authorize credit or create credit card sale transactions. The view does not update and database/accounting information is normally used for testing and special transactions. Normal credit card activity is processed through POS, Order Entry, Order Completion (Order Invoicing) and from the AR Invoice Lookup View.
  • Added Clear CC Authorization to AR Invoice Lookup Context Menu
  • Updated Order Entry to current Credit Card code to use CCTran file.
  • Sales Tax: Enhanced code to not default sales tax rate/code on non-US Addresses.
  • Updated Address Validation Functionality
  • Checkboxes: Fixed sticky state to set registry when box is clicked for better update behavior.
  • Terms & Shipvia Lookups: Implemented inactive filter.
  • Company Lookup: Created code to skip status "X" companies when inactives suppressed.
  • Field Margin: Added margin control on database fields by adding a column to the Field Mask View. This allows limiting the number of characters that can be entered into fields without using a Mask.
  • eCommerce/Web: Updated Stream V eCommerce to use Tax Web Service to select tax code/tax rate. Updated Tax Code Web Service to update zip code file and check Nexus.
  • Gencode - State Table: Created a field use to default TaxCode records when creating from web service.
  • Tax Code Web Service: Added support for Service Objects Fast Tax web service. Eliminated the need to manually maintain the Tax Code table, and purchase tax code information from third parties.
  • Menu: Alphabetized System Admin Pull-down menus
  • Direct Invoicing: Changed code that was reducing the order amount incorrectly.
  • Order Entry: Edited business day calculation to handle new minimum date required by MS-SQL.
  • Business Date: Enhanced business date calculation to check Holiday information to allow skipping holidays.

Updates made in November
  • Direct Invoicing: Updated shipping charges.
  • AP Check/Wire Creation: Including discounts in report output.
  • Company Manager/Management: Modified to use operator table lookup that filters on active operators.
  • Output Formatting: Updated code to use CoveStyleCSS.css instead of older Cove.CSS. StreamV will automatically download the CoveStyleCSS.css to the application (programs) directory.
  • AP Create Checks: Fixed total on report.
  • Rep Dashboard: Cleaned up filtering controls on actions and orders/quotes browses. Fixed Jump to Today's Actions if there are no actions past today's date. Added the functionality to copy quote to order to match Order Management.
  • Operator Table: Enhanced to allow setting operators inactive. Minor Update loads active flag into all operators, data change only, no file change. Added code to Operator Master and to operator lookup.
  • Order Entry: Added code to update standard holds.
  • AP Check Printing: Enhanced account selection.
  • Additional Order Entry Updates
  • Credit Request: Added Credit Request Query on AR Lookups Menu.
  • Group Table: Added extra fields to Group Table Manager.
  • VDF Query: Updated to version 2.4c. Latest version available.

Stream POS is a Multi-User System that can utilize multiple locational transactions, Multiple Warehouses, Multi-Currency, Customization and is a very advanced software system.

If you are familiar with POS Software and are searching for an upgrade for your system Stream might be for you.

Updates made in August
  • CashAp: Enhanced CashAp to correctly save Check Comments with correct link to AR Check.
  • SQL Reports: Added code to warn if Special Selections were not filled in.
  • SQL Reports: Added additional fields to all reports. Enhanced the SQL Report Editor by adding buttons to insert text for special selections and additional fields. Added schedule date selection to Order Reports. Added date prompt to report date selections.

Updates made in July
  • POS: Enhanced code in POS Return Dialog that was prompting for month/year to only check when return type is Credit Card. Also, added code to require an amount.
  • CRM: Added Map support to Order entry and Shipto Detail Panel!
  • Updated Address Validation
  • PMS: Updated code in Prodline Manager

Updates made in June
  • POS: Updated POS image display to same code as Keyword to support scrolling through images, expanding image for printing, and auto stretch image for full display.
  • System: Add Faircom utilities
  • Inv: Fixed confirmation message on inventory adjustment.
  • SOE: Fixed adding of related item in order entry.

Updates made in May
  • POS Software: Added code to disable authorize button during authorization.
  • AR:Cleaned up Direct Invoicing handling of non-stock items.
  • CoveTools: Added comment manager.
  • Catalog Manager: Added code to Catalog Manager allow editing of the Stock and Serial flags if there have been no inventory transactions (stock/serial) or Soline (stock).

Updates made in April
  • Added SQL Queries to lookup menus of all modules in the back-end.
  • Updated code for Expand, Zoom and Context menu in Queries.

Updates made in March
  • AR Integration: New Cost of Sales report with XSLT output.
  • Imaging Updates: Added support for Drag and Drop to allow documents to be dragged onto the imaging dialog and dropped onto the panel.
  • System Update: Added calendar prompt to CoveForm
  • POS Software: Blocked creating of Sales Tax Certificates for CashSale customer.

Updates made in February
  • POS Software Update to Store Credit: Added code to reduce the store credit (credit memo) when used for payment. This creates a journal entry to AR account (both sides) to show payment history.
  • POS: Added code to limit Returns Dialog to Store Credit when returning for a Terms Customer. Did not auto create to allow "confirmation"
  • POS Software Item History: Added Item History lookup to allow looking at sales history by item and allowing item to be selected to bring into the current POS sale.
  • POS: Fixed overpayment problem.
  • POS: Added preferences for policies

Updates made in January
  • Retail POS: Added ComboBox to allow setting of Cash Sale price level. Set by preference.
  • Created a Policy which if set will restrict the price levels the operator can select.
  • POS Enhancement: Added code to display the return message when a credit card is captured (sysop only).
  • POS Software: Added support for card readers.
  • Added preferences to support prompting for last four digits of the credit card and the CCV (security code) when using a card reader.
  • System Update: Cleaned up Edit Preferences Panel, create records and display prompt button for printers.
  • POS Enhancement: Added preference to set default tab when starting view and to return to after each sale.
  • POS: Enhanced credit card transactions.
  • Added code to allow maintaining the POS ticket message from the Marketing Manager View.
  • Added POS ticket print which routes to default printer and invoice print for terms invoices which route to LLP-POST.

POS Software Website Launched

The official website for Cove System's powerful and customizable point of sale application, Stream POS, is launched. Now Cove is offering retail businesses the same reliable & efficient software that distribution businesses and Stream V users have known so well.

Stream POS allows you to manage all your back-office and front-end operations. Customer Relationship Management, Warehouse & Inventory Management, and Retail Accounting such as Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, & Accounts Payable are all standard in Stream POS.

Stream POS - Point of Sale Software features:
    • Price lookup
    • Transaction & item discounts
    • Void transaction
    • Special orders
    • Time-limited specials
    • Items on hold
    • & so much more...

Contacts are integrated to Twitter & Facebook

What are your contacts doing right now? With our Business Software you will know. Your contacts in the software are integrated with Twitter & Facebook! It monitors your contacts Facebook & Twitter pages and lets you stay updated with their latest movements.

The Twitter & Facebook pages are checked for updates without any noticable cost to the applications performance. Take advantage of the Social Networking trend in your marketing and sales departments. Contact us for more information about the ERP Social Networking integration module.

Cove Systems is offering demos of Stream POS software (Point of Sale)

We are now offering live demos of our new Point of Sale application, Stream POS. Contact us by phone or use our email form. You don't need to stand on your head and touch your nose to get a demo. Tell us your interested in the new Stream POS demo and we will setup a demo at your earliest convenience. Let us show you how Stream Point of Sale is perfect for your business.

New updates & enhancements made to Stream V

* Stream updates your help file to the most current version; updates everyday.
* Postal & Shipto address validation and suggestions added
* Address validation and suggestions use the USPS addressing standards
* The address validation feature is free till Sep 31, 2009 for existing Cove customers
* Support added that enables Stream users to launch external applications from inside of Stream


You don't need any special privileges to view the videos and no forms to fill out. The ERP Software Videos range in length from 2 to 30 minutes. Increase your knowledge.

* Address validation in Stream V
* How to startup Stream V and Login
* Navigate the Menus
* The 'My Cove' Menu

News Down Under - Burkert Australia goes to Stream V
After running Stream II for many years BC-AUS is upgrading to Stream V to take advantage of the many new features available in the Windows version of Stream.

New Imaging Interface Released
More image types supported, Direct Printing, Direct File Import, Multi-Page Scanning, ADF and Duplex Scanning, Drag and Drop, Auto-Contrast, Zoom and Rotate.

Price lookup, Transaction & item discounts, Time-limited specials, Cash register, Barcode scanners, Customizable touch screen & more.
Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, General ledger, Purchase orders, Multi-company support, Multi-pricing Levels & more.
Multi-Warehouse, Inventory matrix, Accounting & inventory integration, Automated ordering, Inventory tracking & more.
Customer history, Purchasing history, Special pricing, Envelope & label printing, Customer comments & more.
POS SOftware background img
POS SOftware background img two
Is our POS system right for your company or project? Talk with a no-hassle & no-pressure expert.
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POS Software for Manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses use Stream to increase their ROI. With a robust Bill of Materials system and an integrated multi-warehouse locational system you can take care of most of your manufacturing needs in the back-end! Stream is enhanced and perfected for discrete manufacturing companies.

Point of Sale Systems for Distribution Companys

Stream POS can turn your time into money. Multi-Currency, Multi-location, Multi-Warehouse, Rebates processing, a full integrated back-end with AP, AR, GL, Inventory management and more! If your company takes counter sales Stream POS is a perfect fit.

Audio equipment & accessories store POS software

No matter what you are selling, microphones, recording equipment and more, our point of sale software will provide you with the possibility of expanding onto internet sales and multiple locations, all integrated and running efficiently.

Cars & motors retailers POS software

New vehicles are constantly making their way to your lot, now you need a current and up-to-date way of handling everything from your point of sale to inventory management.

Coffee shop POS software

whether you are serving traditional European-style coffee, salads, sandwiches, and even if your shop is open 24 hours a day, Stream is a best fit.

Discount shoe store POS software

In your line of business you need to offer the best prices and cut all costs you possibly can. Stream POS will allow you to become a more efficient business so that you can focus more on other important matters while selling your inventory.

Dollar stores POS software

You need software that will keep track of all your inventory and perform common point of sale processes.

Flower shops POS software

Whether you are a local flower shop chain or even if you want to expand into the internet sales, Stream POS is right for you.

General merchandise POS software

You offer your customers everything they want and need; Stream POS makes your customers happier, your shelves are always stocked and the customers make great time at the counter.

Hardware store POS software

Stream POS is point of sale software that will help you increase your ROI.

Nail salons POS software

Acrylic nails, airbrushing and all your services and supplies can be managed effectively with Stream Point of Sale Software

Office supplies POS software

Manage your inventory and point of sale in one completely integrated application.

Plumbing outlet POS software

To keep up with the constant demand of your customers you need Stream POS to make your business processes run more smoothly.

Video equipment & accessories store POS software

Cameras, lenses, and broadcast ready equipment can all be managed on a POS system that brings you better return on your investment.

Wedding retail POS software

Stream point of sale software is your link to success.

Vertical Markets in Stream POS:
  • Agriculture, Tractor and Equipment

  • Antique and Collectibles pos software (Coins,
    Comics, etc)

  • Appliance Stores

  • Art Dealers

  • Auto Dealers

  • Auto Parts and Accessories

  • Auto Repair Shops

  • Bicycle pos software

  • Boat Dealers

  • Book Stores

  • Building Materials Stores
    (Lumber, paint, etc)

  • Camera and Photography

  • Cellular and Wireless Stores

  • Clothing pos software

  • Coffee and Tea Shops

  • Computer pos software

  • Consignment Stores

  • Construction Stores

  • Convenience Stores and Gas stations

  • Craft and Scrap Booking Stores

  • Electronics pos software

  • Firearms and Gun Stores

  • Luggage Stores

  • Mail Order / Catalog Stores

  • Marine Supply Stores

  • Manufacturing & Wholesale pos software

  • Mobile Home Dealers

  • Music Instruments pos software

  • Nursery and Garden Center Stores

  • Office and Stationary Stores

  • Outdoor Power Equipment Stores

  • Pet and Pet Supply Stores

  • Pool & Spa pos software

  • Power Sports Dealers (Motorcycle, ATV, PWC, Snowmobile)

  • Recreational Vehicles

  • Shoe Stores

  • Sporting Goods pos software

  • Specialty Retailers

  • Tire Dealers

  • Truck and Heavy Duty Auto Stores

  • Used Merchandise Stores

  • Department Stores

  • Floor Covering Stores

  • Footwear pos software

  • Frame Stores

  • Franchise

  • Furniture Stores

  • Home Furnishing Stores

  • General Merchandise (General retail)

  • Gift and Souvenir Stores

  • Golf pos software

  • Grocery pos software

  • Hardware pos software

  • Health Food Stores

  • Hearth & Home Store (Fireplace, Barbeque & Patio)

  • Hobby

  • Toy & Game Stores

  • Internet Retailer

  • Industrial supplies and machinery

  • Jewelry pos software

  • Lighting Stores

Operating systems supported:
  • Win 95/98/Me
  • Win NT 3.x
  • Win NT 4.x
  • Win 2000 Professional
  • Win XP Professional
  • Win Vista
  • Win 7
Server Support:
  • Win 95/98
  • Win NT 4.x
  • Win 2000 Server
  • Win 2000 Advanced Server
  • Win 2000 Datacenter
  • Win Server 2003
  • Win (IA-64) Server 2003 32bit native mode
  • Win (IA-64) Server 2008 32bit native mode
  • Citrix
  • Unix: AIX
  • Unix: HP-UX
  • Unix: Solaris
  • Unix: Linux
  • Unix: SunOS
  • Unix: SCO OpenServer
  • Unix: SCO UnixWare
Databases Supported:
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • CTree
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
  • Pervasive SQL 2000
Contact Information:
Sales & Application Expert
Hank Grimmick
239-283-9170 ext. 202
Company Founded:
1984 in California
Sizes of businesses appropriate for software:
  • 1 to 500++ users
  • Small to midsized businesses with an annual revenue of .5 to 250 million
Geographic locations supported:
World, USA, Europe, Australia / New Zealand, South America, Canada, China, Africa
Training offered:
  • Over telephone
  • Computer Based Training
  • On-site Training
Applications completely integrated into Stream POS
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Incidents & Actions
  • Integrated eCommerce
  • Order Fulfillment & Customer Dropship Fulfillment
  • Order Management & Sales Order Entry
  • Product Management
  • Purchasing & Receiving, Purchase Order
  • Returns Management
  • RF Warehouse Management
  • Shipping UPS
  • Special Pricing
  • Vendor Shipping w/ VendorLink
  • Warehouse Management
  • More...